Managed Services

TheKMY Managed Service delivers the breadth and quality of services you can trust to ensure the availability and performance of your critical unified communications, contact center and network assets. It includes 24×7 Optanix Platform monitoring, incident management and remediation, and problem management services delivered by KMY experts

As a founder in the managed services industry and innovator in management technologies for Cisco and other leading business solutions, our model is proven to deliver results. Today we support the success of hundreds of our customers – including the largest companies in the world. And you can be assured that the benefits and value will keep coming. KMY has earned the highest service renewal rate in the industry.

The KMY Patrol Managed Service addresses the requirements of businesses driven to:

Accelerate the adoption of Cisco and other leading business technology now for competitive business advantage – without the delays and expense of developing internal support staff and systems management resources
Reduce operating costs, while at the same time increasing service levels
Leverage automated management processes and support services as means to reduce downtime and the resulting business disruption
Achieve higher service levels than current staffing and/or systems management resources will allow
Implement problem management processes for continual service level improvement
Out-task support responsibilities to keep staff focused on strategic initiatives
Obtain 24x7x365 support to supplement business day staff, or scale support across time zones
Quickly expand support coverage to branch, national or international locations
Seek a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, deploying and maintaining an enterprise systems management platform and staffing departments to deliver support
Shift from Capex where management system and software is acquired as fixed assets to Opex where management system benefits can be obtained from a SaaS model that includes support
Respond to changing business requirements more quickly than internal preparedness and approaches will allow

[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Optanix Platform” text=”The KMYPatrol Managed Service includes Optanix Platform, a complete enterprise management solution that resides securely in your data center. Optanix Platform’s automated monitoring processes have earned 8 US patents for management innovation. In addition, the depth of our monitoring tops the industry – ensuring that issues don’t get missed. Optanix Platform’s automation is at the core of our ability to quickly determine the root cause of emerging and current issues and resolve them fast – often before your business is impacted.”]

[efitems title=”High Quantity Support” text=”The decision to move to managed services doesn’t mean you are compromising quality – when it’s KMYPatrol. Our service leverages the best in management technology, support processes, proven expertise and people to ensure the best possible customer experience. KMY has earned an industry-leading service renewal rate – the best indicator of long-term customer satisfaction and service value.”]

[efitems title=”Achieve Higher Service Levels” text=”The availability and performance of your vital IT and collaboration assets is paramount to customer and user satisfaction and achieving the goals of the organization. KMYPatrol reduces downtime and the disruption that it causes your business – allowing you to achieve higher levels of service in support of your strategic initiatives.”]

[efitems title=”Pro-Active Response” text=”

When an issue occurs in your network, our incident management and resolution process doesn’t wait for your phone call. The automated capabilities of Optanix Platform will identify and validate incidents quickly – immediately alerting the KMYPatrol support team. Where possible, Optanix Platform will take automated steps to resolve the incident – or in the case of emerging issues – stop it from even occurring. In fact, our approach is so fast and efficient that it’s a rare occasion when customers need to call our support center to report an issue. You can access Optanix Platform anyplace, anytime to check the status of your network and view KMY’s support activities. If desired, your team can even receive alerts directly from Optanix Platform for immediate visibility to network or application issues and KMY’s support activities. But rest assured – our team is always available to take your call 24×7.

Even better than responding to incidents quickly is taking pro-active measures that keep them from occurring. KMY’s dedicated Problem Management team is an integral part of KMYPatrol. The team leverages Optanix Platform’s rich database of management information to identify such things are repeat incidents, trends and systems or devices with manufacturer-identified concerns. With this operational intelligence, our support team will pro-actively proceed with the next steps to head off future issues.


[efitems title=”Accelerate Technology Adoption” text=”It’s no surprise that technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever before. And to succeed, companies must excel at embracing the latest technologies to increase business, improve productivity and customer experience, reduce costs – and remain competitive.

But when you’re not prepared to support the technology the business needs, the challenges begin to mount. Do you avoid implementing it? Postpone until you build in-house support resources? Try to figure out how to support it as you go? How will you monitor and manage it? It’s clear that a new support strategy is needed to quickly capitalize on the opportunities that new technologies can bring.

You can rely on KMYPatrol to provide the support coverage you need when on-boarding new technologies. As a leader in emerging technologies, KMY is committed to staying ahead of the curve so we’re ready before you are. We follow a proven approach to producing systems management coverage and support processes for new technologies that ensure their success when deployed. Plus with a flexibility of our services, you have the option of shifting from a fully-managed environment to DIY support using the Optanix Platform platform as your internal support capability matures.


[efitems title=”Flexibility” text=”Your company and network is one of a kind. KMYPatrol is based on the premise that your requirements are too. You have the flexibility to acquire services based on your specific needs for support – by technology, location or even time. You can also choose the level of support – from supplementing your internal resources to a fully-managed environment. And as your business needs change, your service model can be modified quickly.

During the service activation process, we also work with you to create a customized run book that defines the service delivery and processes specific to your organization.


[efitems title=”Financial” text=”Your networked technologies are the backbone of your business. Your vital business processes – and your very success – is riding on them. Optanix Platform’s automated monitoring and management technology and our expert support resources are proven to reduce – and when possible eliminate – the downtime that impacts your business. The result is the increased productivity, improved user and customer satisfaction, cost savings and revenue protection that your business needs.

Plus with KMYPatrol, you acquire only the type and level of support that you need. On top of all the advantages it brings, KMYPatrol is a cost effective alternative to your deploying a new enterprise management platform and adding the resources necessary to support both it and your managed environment.


[efitems title=”Visibility” text=”With KMYPatrol, you’re never kept in the dark. Gone are the days when you have to log into a distant portal to view only the information a service provider wants you to see. In supporting your environment, we share your goals, and we believe the ideal managed service must support open collaboration and transparency.

That’s why KMYPatrol gives you complete access to the Optanix Platform management platform residing on your premises. You see the same dashboards, displays, reports, support and service management applications that our team is using to maintain your environment. Optanix Platform and KMYPatrol will quickly integrate into your overall support strategy, and you don’t lose contro


[efitems title=”Security” text=”Be assured the security of your environment means as much to KMY as it does to you. That’s why it’s such an integral part of everything we do – from our management platform to the stringent policies that govern how information is handled and service is delivered. In fact, KMYPatrol is the service of choice for the world’s top financial institutions and other organizations with the most demanding security requirements.

As part of KMYPatrol, you benefit from an Optanix Platform Systems Management deployment that is 100% dedicated to your environment. Your data is never co-mingled with that of other customers where it could be compromised or misused. Optanix Platform also resides in your data center and within your firewall, allowing it to comply with your specific security mandates. And no sensitive data ever leaves your facility.


[efitems title=”Fast Deployment” text=”Business requirements can change quickly, necessitating the need for your support strategy to change too. Our streamlined processes allow KMYPatrol to be activated quickly. You could be realizing the benefits of KMYPatrol in a matter of weeks…”]



[efaccordion id=”01″] [efitems title=”Transition Management” text=”

KMY’s on-boarding process is designed to ensure fast and successful service activation, while minimizing the involvement of your busy staff. Our proven approach eliminates risk and ensures that the service is launched on time. KMY’s experienced project and engineering personnel will guide the process every step of the way.

During this phase the key elements for service delivery are established, including the monitoring and management configuration and a customized run book that defines your specific service and business requirements. This is a key component to integrating KMYPatrol into your existing support process and ensuring your unique needs are met.
On-boarding Audit

As the first step in your realizing immediate improvements, KMY engineers will audit the complete environment to be managed prior to the start of service. This process will identify areas that may require immediate attention so that a strong management foundation can be established. The audit may reveal such things as configuration issues, systems or applications that require manufacturer-recommended updates, or other concerns where action is needed to improve stability and performance. Upon conclusion of the audit, you’ll receive a detailed engineering assessment, and the action plan to address any issues will be defined.


[efitems title=”Optanix Platform” text=”
Automated Monitoring & Remediation

As a primary component of the KMYPatrol Managed Service, our Optanix Platform management platform will perform comprehensive monitoring of Cisco and other business solutions from within your data center. Its patented processes automate the identification of root-cause, eliminating the time-consuming manual effort to do it. Optanix Platform also performs intelligent automated resolution and other steps that assist engineers with remediation. The result is that we have immediate visibility to the precise cause of current or emerging issues, and can resolve them more quickly.
Scalable Service Collaboration Platform

Optanix Platform is a complete enterprise management system with the scalability to manage the world’s largest and most complex networks. It’s a secure service delivery platform that provides the foundation for the collaborative service partnership we have with you. You have the same access to Optanix Platform dashboards, status displays, reports and service management applications that KMY engineers have – providing you with complete visibility.
Management Database

Optanix Platform’s extensive availability and performance monitoring capabilities and integrated IT service management (ITSM) processes combine to create a rich management database specific to your environment. In addition to supporting the numerous visualizations that we provide, the database provides the operational intelligence that supports the other key services – such as Problem Management – that we deliver as part of KMYPatrol.
Service Value

As part of our comprehensive service solution, KMY provides the hardware or virtualized appliance as well as the configuration and full support for Optanix Platform. Optanix Platform is continually enhanced to add new management capabilities and functionality. As you add new technologies or upgrade to new releases, KMY’s experts implement the management coverage that provides the best availability and performance visibility, and enable the automation capabilities that will reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).

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[efitems title=”Incident Management & Remediation” text=”
At the Foundation

Optanix Platform’s intelligent automation provides the strong foundation for our Incident Management process. Its speed and effectiveness in identifying the precise root cause of incidents eliminates the need for our engineers to do it manually – enabling faster resolution and reducing the impact to your business. Optanix Platform is also behind our delivering the most pro-active incident response in the business – eliminating the need for you to call in to report issues and assist in the troubleshooting process. And when possible, Optanix Platform will even initiate automated remediation processes enabling faster response than human involvement will allow.
Incident Management

Upon validation of an incident, Optanix Platform notifies KMY’s support center – providing the full details needed for our team to respond. Since only real issues hit our engineering team, the incident receives immediate visibility and attention. In addition to Optanix Platform monitoring, issues may be reported to the support center by telephone or opening a case in Optanix Platform. KMY’s incident handling process follows ITIL methodologies, ensuring a consistent and organized approach.

During the Incident Management process, KMY follows the run book defined for your company during the activation process. This includes customized notification and support policies specific to your organization. When necessary to facilitate remediation, KMY will engage your team for on-site support and coordinate manufacturer TAC support and advance replacement of hardware. If desired, your team can receive automated notifications from Optanix Platform to alert them of issues and support activities.
Our Team

KMY’s engineering team is regarded as the foremost experts in the industry, possessing both the training and experience in each of the technologies we support. Our support center is staffed with professionals 24×7 – ready to respond.


[efitems title=”Problem Management” text=”KMYPatrol not only resolves incidents quickly when they occur, it also keeps incidents from occurring and disrupting your business again. As Optanix Platform’s automated processes continually monitor availability and performance across your network, analyze issues and determine root-cause, it builds a comprehensive management database. As an end-to-end service delivery platform, Optanix Platform is also able to add the unique perspective of service history from its integrated IT service management (ITSM) module.

Patterns such as the types of incidents and the frequency of their recurring, and performance trends, provide the Problem Management team with visibility to the potential for future disruptions. They then leverage additional resources in correlation, such as manufacturer known-issue databases and comparing your system incidents and performance with the experience of others using the same technology. From this operational intelligence, the Problem Management team can identify the pro-active measures that will take your network’s stability and performance to the next level.


[efitems title=”Simple MAC” text=”KMYPatrol includes simple remote configuration for select moves, add and changes (MACs). MAC requests are submitted using Optanix Platform’s Case Management application. You’ll have complete visibility to change request status through Optanix Platform and can elect to receive automated notifications for progress updates and completion.”]

[efitems title=”Service Relationship” text=”With KMYPatrol, you’re getting a service partnership. We’re committed to building and maintaining the long-term relationship that will make your organization successful. Our team works closely with you and understands not only your technology, but also your needs and business. In fact, as an integral part of their overall support strategy, our customers frequently view KMYPatrol as an extension of their own team.

In addition to the team that delivers day-to-day tactical support, you will have an assigned Customer Service Manager (CSM). The CSM is a single point of contact that addresses the strategic aspects of our relationship. They will engage in routine service reviews and assessments, provide reports and other details that demonstrate our service levels, and serve as a point of escalation for matters requiring additional attention.



KMY provides managed services and monitoring for the following applications & systems: