With the prevalence of IT systems and devices comes the prevalence of IT threats: hackers, botnets, spam, phishing, trojan viruses and more. A comprehensive security approach will protect your network against these and other threats to reduce the risk of network infiltration and safeguard your vital data from exposure.

KMY has designed and implemented security solutions to defend all types of networks. We draw on our wide portfolio of industry-leading security technologies and expertise to produce solutions that keep your network safe.

When designing a customized security solution, KMY works closely with you to identify requirements and potential vulnerabilities within your unique environment. We will then proceed to tailor the solution that fits your specific needs, whether it’s intrusion detection, admission control and remote access to endpoint protection, threat mitigation, perimeter control, VPN or another need.

Our status as a Cisco Gold Certified Partner with Advanced Security Architecture Specialization assures you that we are up to date on the latest technologies, practices and configuration steps to maximize the effectiveness of your security investment