Video Collaboration Solutions & Services

As the workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, and your organization reaches out to customers and colleagues without borders, the role that video plays in effective collaboration has never been greater. Business video solutions enable users to conduct face-to-face meetings with customers and colleagues all over the world at a moment’s notice.

KMY provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of purpose-built, high-quality video collaboration solutions – whether on premise or in the cloud – from Cisco Systems. Cisco is taking interaction to the next level with video collaboration experiences that are available anywhere on-demand. And most importantly, they are easy to use – ensuring fast user acceptance and immediate business value.

Replacing expensive and disruptive travel with lifelike virtual meetings offers many benefits:

  • Improve decision making by reducing communications delay
  • Build bonds, trust and understanding across time zones within cross-functional and diverse teams
  • Reduce employee travel, non-productive time, real estate costs and environmental impact
  • Encourage information sharing and knowledge building with employees, partners and customers

Professional Services

On top of Cisco’s leading solutions, rely on KMY’s design expertise and experience to ensure that your network and video collaboration strategy achieves your objectives for improved communications, relationships and productivity. With KMY and Cisco’s technologies, video-based interaction can be “better than being there.”

Managed Services

“Day 2” services are provided via KMY’s managed services offerings. Through our managed services, we proactively monitor and manage your video systems and infrastructure to ensure smooth operation and reduce costly down time. We use a unique combination of tools and experts to create an extension of your team.

The KMY Managed Service delivers the breadth and quality of services you can trust to ensure the availability and performance of your critical video collaboration assets, unified communications and network assets. It includes monitoring, incident management and remediation, and problem management services delivered by KMY’s experts. More Info on Managed Services