Virtualization enables multiple operating systems and applications  to be hosted on a single physical server. It offers a number of benefits over the antiquated one-application-per-server approach:

  • Allows greater utilization of server capacity
  • Reduces expenses through consolidation of hardware
  • Simplifies management and maintenance of servers
  • Reduces cost of power, space and environmentals

When making the move to a virtualized environment, there are many important things to consider. The underlying architecture, identification of servers and applications, and resource requirements must all be factored into the equation. You’ll want experience on your side to ensure a successful transition.KMY’s virtualization team will follow proven processes and methodologies to identify the options and strategy that are best for you. We start with an in-depth analysis of your current environment and then work with you to design the virtualization solution that meets your short- and long-term objectives. Through our partnership with VMware – whose customers include 100% of the Fortune 100 – we offer our customers best-of-breed virtualization platforms.

KMY’s data center technology and service portfolio delivers the complete solution you need to run today’s demanding applications while achieving cost efficiency.